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Your Roots

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

How strong are your roots? There comes a time in our lives when we ask ourselves the "why" of certain estrangements with the beings we love. We wonder why this person is not close to us. Why don't we spend a lot of time together. Why ? Why? Why?

If we stand still and analyze our lives is a simple answer. What did you do to get closer to that being? He can be a family member or a friend.

We have to learn to understand that our relationships are based on our relationships. Our parents did the best they knew how to do. They also have their own story about why they behave like their parents or why they decided to change and do something different. We can blame one person more than the other. Much of what we are taught as children and what we see growing up is sometimes so seeded in us that it takes a great awakening to realize that we can do better or differently.

Depending on where you come from, what has happened in your life, what you choose to change ... and yes, the key word is "choose". You will behave exactly as you were taught or in a different way because one day you wake up, the light bulb turns on, and you begin to understand people's behavior. You begin to understand that there is always a root in all behavior. To change this, we have to be willing to change it. We have to accept certain aspects of others and learn to love that for a short time that they share with us. We learn to treasure the moments, the minutes, the seconds. Sometimes the roots of certain people are so deep that they may never realize they can change. I write this because sometimes I hear a lot "I wish our family were ... I wish they were more loving, I wish we could meet more often."

But I ask you…. What are YOU doing to change this? What are you doing to uproot the root that is holding you back? Free yourself and be really happy.

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