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A Weekend with Gio :)

This little puppy is full of energy! I spent the weekend with him while my sister visited her daughter in Wisconsin. I can tell you he missed the entire family. When I visit my sister he is full of energy and runs all over the place. While he was with me, he spent most of the day sleeping in his bed and not really doing much of anything. I did spend a lot of time training him. I taught him how to lay down and I honestly think he got it! he absolutely loved his walks. I walked him twice a day, morning and evening. One thing that preoccupied me was that he was not eating his food. After talking to my sister, she said if I was giving him treats, he would prefer that over his food. The morning walks were cool, I did not mind them and now that I think about it, so were the evenings. He pooped twice on his wee wee pad. This was my gift 2x. I woke up to him barking. I guess he did not like the smell of his own poop! He slept through the night most nights except one morning when he heard my aunt get up at 5am. Then he decided that it was time for him to get up. Well, that was my cue. Although I was not ready to get up, I had to get up. All in all it was a nice weekend with Gio. I will save the gates I purchased and his bowls for his next visit. :)

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