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The Street

Sometimes, I sit back and ponder on life. Our journey here on Earth is akin to many roads, some with numerous intersections where we must decide which way to turn. Someone may share an experience that prompts you to make a decision, try something new, or let go of someone or something. We navigate these streets until we encounter one that entices us to linger a little longer than usual.

You pause, look around, smell the flowers, bend down, and pick up that rock that normally you would kick to the side. You hear the wind speaking to you when before, it was merely a sound. Your skin feels the sensation of the rain, and you stay, whereas before you would run for cover. You look down and notice the sheen made on the pavement by the sun. You simply pause.

Continuing to walk, you wonder if there is an end to this street, if you will reach an intersection where you'll need to make a decision on which way to go. So, you hope that won't be the case. You want to linger, to continue breathing in the scent of the flowers by the side of the road, to continue feeling the rain on your skin, to continue feeling the wind against your face.

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