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Do I really need to exercise?

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

So during the month of March I joined the 100 mile cancer challenge. I have 63 miles to jog in 15 days! One of the activities that I learned to love is jogging. Believe me when I tell you it was not my favorite activity. I fell in love with him in the Army while I was in Basic Training. Not only did I develop shin splints as a result of this, but I also got over the pain. Jogging allows me to eat what I like. It frees me and gives me time to think. Sometimes I push myself so hard I feel like I'm going to collapse! I have run two 1/2 marathon in my life. I have also participated in many local short races. Some are really very funny; turkey trot race, rattle races and others.

In one of the 1/2 marathons, I was not prepared and my legs felt like jelly around mile 11. I remember one of the participants stopped and lifted my spirits with a simple phrase: "You can't stop now, you have 3 miles to finish. " ! You've come too far to give up now. "And then he kept running. I followed his advice and proceeded to the finish line. Jogging is just one of the activities we can do to stay fit and active. There are so many other activities we can do; dance, yoga, brisk walking, weight lifting, aerobics, etc. It's always a tough start, but once you start, you'll feel a lot better later. As I write this, I'm contemplating waking up at 5 am to jogging and adding some miles How many? I don't know this, but I'm sure I'll wake up and start the day jogging.

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