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Life's Lessons: What I've Learned

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

My quick getaway to Puerto Rico was such an eye opener and confirmed many of the thoughts that keep me away at night sometimes. I think this is the first time that as a result of the lack of activities in the resort, I was able to just think and I started thinking about everything that I've experienced and also learned.

I've learned that you can't change people. People have to be willing to change. I've learned that I am not everyone's cup of tea - and that I am totally ok with that. I've learned that you can get hurt but you heal and it's so much better after the healing. I've learned to respect others' opinions and leave it at that. I've learned to love deeply and free. I've learned that we are here on earth such a short time and that our purpose here is to serve others, enjoy what God has given us and not complicate things too much. I've learned to trust in that source we all are constantly searching for an I call God but others call it by another name - and that is ok.

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