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Florida! May Trip

So, we get up early on the morning of May 19, 4:30am to be exact. Excited about our trip and looking forward to spending a few days at a resort before we head to the dukes! Our uber arrived 10 minutes early and patiently waited for us. We arrived at the airport and noticed the longest lines and a multitude of people! Well, we checked in with JetBlue and got online. There was commotion and lots of complaining. Finally, one of the airport agents yells out that the reason for the delay was a result of 2 broken TSA systems! As you can imagine people were livid! All you heard from all corners of airport “we are going to miss our flight!”

Frankly, there was no order or direction from the airport staff. Simply a recurring reminder to stay in line and that they were aware that we all had to board. (Seriously??? That was a given).

All you saw were passengers shuffling, cutting in front of one another as they nervously look at the screen and see the status of their flight changing from boarding to doors closed. In front of me stood a feisty Latina talking loudly about her flight to Ft Lauderdale and that she had a connecting flight she had to catch once she reaches Florida. Her flight was taken off at 7:45am, ours was leaving at 7:30am. I let her know we had priority and we needed to go in front of her. Well, you can imagine the push back we got here but eventually I “muscled” my way in front of her and made it to the front of the line.

Well, to our disappointment our flight was gone! We are instructed to check with carrier and book another flight. That process was another joke. The JetBlue desk was outside of security so this meant we

would need to get online once again! I asked my aunt to stay inside, and I would go speak to a JetBlue agent. When I finally get there and explain what occurred, I was advised that the next flight was not until 9pm!!! Here it is 8am. So, I said fine. I mean, what else was I supposed to do???

As I patiently waited for our new boarding pass, the JetBlue agent surprises me with 2 tickets for a 2:30 flight! Of course, we do not have pre-assigned seats but that is ok. At least we were booked on an earlier flight. Given we had PLENTY of time now, we stopped by their rip off airport café and had a little breakfast and 2 very expensive bottles of water. 😊 As I wait on this line to pay, I look up and I see they have wine! Hmmm…. Bit too early but very tempting.

So now we are sitting – waiting for time to go by so we can board our flight. Westchester Airport has very limited seating. So, we are calling these 2 seats home for a few hours. I wish I could take a nap but unfortunately – not sleepy even though I did not sleep very well last night.

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