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So I Finally Made My Decision!

Actualizado: 15 jun 2023

This picture depicts exactly how old I was feeling when I went to get my COVID shot today! (only I was looking the other way and was not smiling.) I had COVID in Oct 2020, so as a result I have the antibodies. For the past couple of months I was debating on whether or not I was going to get this shot. I went to my doctor's office to re-test to see I still had antibodies - and I did. At the same time I continued to contemplate getting the shot but I was too chicken to make up my mind and do it! So last week I decided to get the shot. I swayed a few times listening to colleagues and family on why I should or should not get the shot. Should I or shouldn't I? :) So I scheduled my appointment after checking out, I can begin to tell you how many different places (all excuses to delay the act. ) I decided on my local CVS pharmacy. I have to say I was nervous. As I walked into the pharmacy, I kept hoping I had the wrong day and time. No chance. Then, I started reaching for excuses, this is a pharmacy, the pharmacist looks crazy hyper, yada yada yada. The first person I spoke to had really long finger nails, I mean long. I'm standing there thinking, OMG if she is the one that is going to administer the shot, I will not do it. How is she going to hold the syringe? So I ask, "are you given me the shot?" She replied "no I'm not the pharmacist." She finishes taking my information and I'm asked to take a sit on the red chair. I follow directions and I did but could not sit still. So I got up and went shopping for some items. I came back sat on the red chair only to get up again and ask for my prescription (excuses). By this time the pharmacist was waiting patiently for me to walk behind the blue curtain. So I go in, and of course ask questions, "are you sure is the Pfizer vaccine?", "is this going to make me sick" and of course each time (3) she tried to give me the shot, I squirmed. What a Nelly. (smile) I have to stay Pharmacist was very patient with me and very sweet. This was the moment that I literally wanted my Mommy to be there with me, holding my hand. Needless to say I had a flashback to when I was 5. Well, shot administered and I am asked to remain in the store for 10 to 15 minutes in case I get dizzy. This is all she had to say - suddenly I feel dizzy and think I'm seeing double. So I start walking around, buy water, drink the water and felt a little better. Once the 15 minutes were over, (yes I stayed there 15 minutes) I go back to the pharmacist and ask "Is it ok if I drink wine today?" She gives me "the look", and replies, "I don't recommend it, you are going to feel tired and alcohol may make it worse. Go home, drink lots of fluids and rest." So, I am following her instructions. :)

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