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The Change

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

There comes a time in your life when you need to make a change no matter how fearful you may be of what is next. It may be a job, love relationship, friendship, or a toxic family member.

Whatever situation you may be dealing with now, don't be afraid to let it go. If your gut is giving you signs that you are not at peace, listen to it. When you make your decision, it may hurt, or you may be shocked that you finally took that step.

If the change is related to friends, again, trust your gut. There are times when individuals show you a character that they are not just to use you. Sometimes, we have no idea we are being used! We tend to believe in those that say they are genuine and sometimes they are not!!

If the change is related to work, have faith and focus on that next opportunity. It may not come at the time you want it too, but it will. When you disengage from a work environment that in one end allows you to do so many wonderful things financially but at the other end is taking a toll on you, it is truly not worth it.

If the change is related to a love relationship, trust that the right person will eventually find you or better said you will find each other. What is the use in being in a one-sided relationship. A relationship that brings you pain and tears. One someone loves you they show it with actions. There are so many wonderful human beings out there! Trust and have patience.

If the change is related to a family member, yes, they are your blood, and yes that will never change. However, this does not mean that you HAVE to deal with them. Being around someone who constantly oozes negative energy is not healthy. They carry this negative around and shield it with a hypocritical smile.

Remember the song by the temptations, "Smiling Faces Sometimes" pretend to be your friend? I think this song applies to all the relationships I mentioned above. :) Keep your happy shield on and enjoy your life! Be genuinely happy and thankful for all you have and for those folks around you that truly care about you.

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