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On His Way To College!

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

When our children are young, as parents we do not realize how fast they grow. Time is silently passing by so quickly! We are prepared for that day that we have to let go and allow our children to go and begin their next journey in life. To follow the path that they are destined to follow. Then all of a sudden high school graduation and the summer before they leave for college seems so short and unfair!

We can't believe it! summer is speeding by! But it is not, it is our count of every day that the day we have to drop them off at the college is close and we do it and we don't want it to come. We get up every morning and check the calendar and count the days. We sit looking at our young adult and all kinds of emotions intertwine, love, nervousness, pride and anxiety. But oh! The day comes and a lump fills our throats as we drive to the place they will temporarily call home. We know they will return, but deep down, we struggle to let go and try to hold on. Holding on so tight that we have moments of selfishness. We then reflect on why this is happening. We are preparing them to be independent. We are preparing them to survive in this world when we, as parents, are no longer here. So what do we do to fill this void? We keep in touch (a lot), we pray that they are safe and make the right decisions (always) :) We forgot that we ourselves were teenagers at one point and our parents felt the same emotions as us. So we have to be strong and leave the door ajar so that the aroma of some home good cooking seeps through it and reaches them in their college dorm to remind them of the love that awaits them at home.

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