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Looking Ahead

Three days until we welcome 2024. I ponder what wonderful surprises will be presented to me. For many years now I made a promise to myself not to sweat the small stuff, stay away from negative people and manipulators that stand before me with a fake smile. Sometimes it takes me a while to figure these humans out but eventually I do. Then I drift and try to only approach the shore as needed and of course it has to be important.

In 2023 I had a few challenges, mostly on the personal side. My dad struggling with his illness, my mom doing everything possible to support him but at the same time very stressed and at times frustrated. I flew to Orlando several times this year to help and also check on them. I had the opportunity to travel with my niece and then my sister. It was actually delightful to have them travel with me. I participated in several local races and was accompanied by my niece, nephew and sister in some. Looking to do more of that in 2024 ~ running is my happy place. :)

On the job front, my consulting gig is up next week. So, looking forward to my next opportunity. Time flies by! I can't believe I started this assignment in June and here it is December already.

I'm looking forward to 2024, (even though it's election year), not sure what will happen there, but I want to remain optimistic. Here is to a year full of new beginnings, wonderful gatherings with friends and family. A super great job or consulting opportunity and lots and lots of love, dance and happiness.

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