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The Roasted Chicken Story

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

How to start this article. :) Well, at the Sam's Club supermarket they sell some very well seasoned and inexpensive roasted chickens. My aunt, when she has the weekend off, she chooses not to cook and buys her roasted chicken. Well this Sunday she follows the same routine but she got a surprise. When she got to the supermarket, almost at 4 in the afternoon, they were roasting the last group of chickens. She tells me that there were like 10 people waiting patiently for their chicken. But everyone was left with their mouths open, when the cook comes out and announces in a loud voice, "There are no more containers for the chickens!" Well, this scream resulted in everyone in the line looking at each other as if thinking "it can't be, I'm not cooking today!" My aunt then says, they have to do something, I don't think they are going to leave ALL those roasted chickens unsold! Well, the cook disappears and says that he will be back in a few moments. People wait patiently and look at each other without speaking. My aunt comes back and says, "They have to figure it out, I've been waiting 40 minutes for my chicken." And so it was, the cook then shows up with large cake containers and says, "These are the only containers I found, do you want the chickens?" Well, as you can imagine, everyone exclaimed "of course, we don't care, we just want our chickens." I share this story of the roasted chicken because I can't stop laughing as I imagine all the people waiting for the containers for their chicken. I do have to say, the chicken is very very tasty - well seasoned. :)

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