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Beauty is Unique and Very Personal.

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

The phrase "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" is very true. I think that we, as women, should encourage each other whether we want to put on makeup or not. Some of us really don't need to wear a lot of makeup and look gorgeous. For my part, I LOVE wearing makeup. The pandemic has kept us all isolated. However, this does not mean that we are going to stop taking care of our appearance. Do not! For my part, I wake up every day and put something on my beautiful face. I wake up in the morning and look at myself in the mirror and even though I first say "you're sexy and you know it" (or I get scared!) I follow him with the 2 minute Rodan & Fields mask while I shower. Then I follow it up with toner, facial moisturizer, under eye cream, and foundation. Yes! and I love every step. Oh! and yes I also apply a little foundation, some mascara and light lipstick. I mean, I'm not going anywhere, but I may have a video call or something. Personally, I think I need a little makeup. So for those of us who splurge on all kinds of cosmetics and marvel at skin treatments, scrubs, and masks ... keep doing it! Write me and let me know what are your favorite cosmetics and beauty regimens.

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